Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is web technology developed considering how website can be viewable on different types of devices available in the market. Responsive web design helps to view single website in different designs which is automatically adjusted according to device screen size & orientation.

The priority of any website is to provide good user experience to visitors & help them to provide content they are looking for. Responsive web design helps website owner to capture & convert traffic for your product or service on every device.

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Benefits of responsive web design

Cost effective:

Responsive website design eliminates need of mobile application or mobile website for business website. One website design fits on all devices so no need of maintain two separate websites. This results in reducing application development & website maintenance cost.

Google & SEO:

It is easier to crawl mobile friendly website pages for Google search engine crawlers. If your website is mobile-friendly then Google mention in its search result. Having mobile-friendly website can drastically reduce bounce rate as well. Responsive web design is always have positive impact on your business website.

Mobile Features:

In responsive web design you can add mobile specific features, which help to boost conversion. E.g. Opt-in form can be replaced with direct call button, which is easy for any visitor to make direct call instead of filling form.

Control on content:

Content can be displayed as per priority according to device type & orientation. Adjustment in design helps to let visitors focus on content of their interest.

Responsive web design features

  • Mobile first design
  • Design optimization for mobile, tablet & desktop
  • Mobile feature integration
  • Light weight & faster page loading web pages
  • Cross browser support