Whether to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency or An In-House Team?


So you have decided to include digital marketing in your marketing strategy. The next question that comes to your mind is whether to hire a digital marketing company or an in-house team. While making a decision between the two, business have to consider highly-competitive nature of the market. Considering all the facts and clients experience, outsourcing has turned out to be the best solution. Coming this from a digital marketing company might sound biased. However, we would like to share some of the practical facts and bottlenecks before you opt for either of the two

Identifying the Bottleneck

Let us see try to identify the bottlenecks for businesses going from two different business phases.

1. Start-up Business – 
Start-ups are often budget conscious. They prefer hiring a single resource who has a knowledge of digital marketing. While it is possible to onboard a candidate who can handle all your digital marketing activities, the quality of works becomes a question. Think practically – digital marketing activities range from website design and SEO to paid campaigns. Can one person deliver quality work in each digital marketing department? If yes, then you have hired the best man for the job. If not, you will end up compromising with the returns on your investment.

2. Established Business – 
On the other hand, established businesses have the luxury to invest in multiple resources specialized in each digital marketing department. This will ensure that you get quality output for each one of them. But how long? Most business would not run Ad campaigns throughout the year or they would not need for the whole year.

Even though online marketers are extremely creative, working on a same set of tasks leads to boredom and affects the efficiency of work. Thus, in spite of having specialized resources, you might end up investing in something that might only require a few hours or a few days’ worth of work.

Justifying the Need for Outsourcing

After understanding the situation that most businesses might face, we would justify the need of outsourcing the marketing activities to a digital marketing company. We have listed some of the benefits of outsourcing your digital marketing activities.

1. Cutting Down Unnecessary Expense:
With above context in mind, hiring full-time resources for a few days’ of work can turn expensive. Along with the resources, a business will also have to invest in the machines, software, and tools required for digital marketing. This only adds to the expense as you first need to find the best tools for digital marketing activities.

Whereas, digital marketing companies are well equipped with the best digital marketing tools and experts required for each digital marketing activity.

2. Maintain Your Existing Efficiency:
Businesses, especially start-ups, delegate marketing responsibilities to the existing employees. It can turn out to be a cost-effective solution. However, the employees need to spend more time to adapt to the digital marketing tools and techniques. This will affect your day-to-day productivity that will ultimately put pressure on your employees.

Digital marketing companies, on the other hand, understand the effective steps to ensure quality returns on your digital marketing strategy.

3. Staying Up-to-Date With Trends:
People working in digital marketing companies often share their knowledge, ideas, experience and latest digital marketing trends with each other. This also helps to keep themselves updated with the different industries. For example, a digital marketing company knows exactly the ways to create brand awareness and maintain the brand loyalty.

Concluding the things, whether you hire an in-house team or a digital marketing agency, both require a substantial investment. However, one thing is for sure that outsourcing your digital marketing activities will ensure that you can focus on your core business. Thus, it is important for every business to analyze your business, understand your budget, and then choose the best option.

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