Website Design Trends to Look Out For In The Year 2016

Website design or I would say creative web design, today, is bread and butter for your business. Consider business as your bread and Business website as butter. Customer taste changes with every year. This blog will tell how you can serve and temp your clients to eat simple bread and butter the way they want it this year.

Yes, there are ways where you try to put your thoughts and try to convince your website visitors with a creative approach. But, have you ever thought of putting the information and creative web designs the way your visitors want? If you are trying to convince them without giving this a thought, you are most probably playing Hoopla (a famous game in which rings are thrown in an attempt to encircle one of several prizes).

Before planning creative web designs, most of the companies try to know what our visitors are searching. But, the thing is, you should first try to understand WHY they are searching before WHAT they are searching. A good website designing company should always start from understanding their client’s targeted audience persona.

“The Day Marketers Will Starts Asking Why Before What, They Will Start Understanding Their Buyers Persona Better”

Always keep this basic formula at the top of your website design checklist.

Coming back to the trends to look for in the year 2016, following are the points on which you should give emphasis,

1. Responsiveness

After the basics mentioned above, the very next thing that should come is the responsiveness of the website design. Many firms are facing this bottle neck as their targeted audiences now search them on different devices. A responsive business website is a need today. Again it comes understanding visitor’s interest.

According to a survey – 85% of the audience are searching for products and services on Mobile phones

If someone is searching your business on mobile device and your website is not mobile responsive, it will take few seconds to lose your potential customer.

2. User and User Experience

All that matters for the people who are out there as your visitors is experience, friendliness of your website (technically User Interface) and performance. Crisply, you need to think of all the personalization or emotional attachment that the design tries to create with them.

Your site should have the appealing design and content if you want to drive an active user engagement. Also, your page loading time should be quick. Slow web page loading and complex design will make you visitors lose interest in your website.

Google gives preference to your website only if you are delivering a good user experience. And every web design company knows this basic rule while making the creative web designs.

3. Try to avoid Stock Photos

Gone are those days when stock photos were used to attract your visitor’s eyesight. But, today, people look for originality. What they believe and like is the original stuff on your website.

Why not use something like natural and original photos on the website instead of putting the mask of stock photos for explaining your business? Think in a different way.

Suppose you have a manufacturing firm. Now, using some natural images where your workers are operating machines or photos showing the team work will add a personal touch to your business website.

So, say good bye to the stock photos and use some natural photography.

4. Videos:

We just discussed about replacing the stock images with something which will add a personal touch. How about using a video to increase the visitor’s engagement?

You can even use a short natural video explaining your work process or culture. Taking the same example from above, you can make a quick short video about the manufacturing process from raw material to the well finished end product.

The only challenge here is to cut down the loading time of the web page due to videos. However, this can be solved once you will learn to compress the video before integrating it on the site.

5. Web Designs that are App-Inspired:

If you look at the mobile apps, most of them have succeeded in engaging the users and create a great user experience. You should think of a website design having apps feature like functionalities that provides null distractions, great loading speed and an enhanced user experience.

This should help your visitors to interact and gain access to your content as quick as possible.

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