Website Design for performance – your answer to greater connect with your clients, and more business!


A first impression is often the last. So you have a business website out there on the internet. And you are very happy with the way it looks, but yet, the business hasn’t seen much inflow and there are no big additions to your client list. Do you wonder why?

What do your customers see when they come to your website?

Many a times, even when the website design seems visually alright, the littlest things, like a missing search button or a misplaced About Us column can be catastrophic for business. And in contrast, at other times, a great website design compensates for little things that are amiss, because the first visual appeal is in truth, all that it takes for a potential client to want to check out for more!
It is true that for small businesses, a website is one of the most important investments you can make. The problem here is, you can end up either overspending or underspending on your website design, and still not get it quite right.
And here is where the concept of affordable website design comes in. What you really need is an expert advice. The people you appoint as your website consultants, must first, take time to understand your business, your clients and your purpose of getting a website up and running. And here’s some reasons why we believe that:

  1. Your website is the face of your business. If you want people to take your business seriously, you need to build your website to showcase that. A website that looks half done, or build by an amateur isn’t going to get you anywhere. Build your website to maximize traffic.
  2. Your website can bring you additional business. So you already have your clients and the business is small but substantial. Wouldn’t you do well with more? That is where the good website design comes in. Share your web address with friends, family and clients and see them share it with theirs. In no time the viral network does its job and you have new business knocking on your door!
  3. Your website can take your business both local and global. Going online means, simply put, getting your business out there. Online means everywhere. A great website design company lets your global prospects understand you better, know your business and reach out to you.
  4. Your website can also help generate media interest. A good website shows off higher on the list of similar searches. Being out there, means that you just may get selected for that SME interview with a leading media agency or be written about in emerging business accelerators! Now isn’t that great?

In the age of technology that we live in, these days anybody can build a website, it really isn’t that complicated. However just because they can build a website doesn’t mean that they can build it well. There is a lot that goes into a well-designed website and it is important that you keep this in mind when you are designing your site. A well designed website is critical to your success. A shoddy website can make your company look unprofessional and amateur. Internet surfers today are sophisticated and net wise, and simply put, they want more. If they don’t like what they see, or if they don’t get what they are looking for, it will take them less than a minute to move on to the competitor website.

So what constitutes a good website design? A good website should be easy to navigate since this is one of the things that will cost you customers faster than anything else. People expect to be able to find what they are looking for quickly and easily. When you have your website on, there is a lot that you can and would need to do with it, including promoting it through social media, blogging networks, paid adverts etc. You would also need to optimize content and images to keep it fresh. A good website design should always leave room for changes, edits and additions. Another very important feature of a good working website is its ability to convert visits into clients. Whether it is via a subscribe button, or online form that requires name & contact details of the visitors, a website can give you a lot of vital hints at who’s looking out for your kind of business.

What’s more? A good website also offers to connect you with your clients. Whether it does by a blog, or a search engine, or a feedback mechanism or a simple about us column, a website builds a platform for your current and potential clients to reach out to you, get their doubts clarified and build an overall atmosphere of trust and professionalism.

Putting together your website takes a lot of planning, interactions, research and continuing branding and marketing strategy even after completion so make sure that whoever you team up with for your website design, knows this and more.

But even before you reach out to a professional website design company pune, you need to ask yourself these basic questions.

  1. Is your layout encouraging the visitors to learn more about your business, or make contact with you for inquiry?
  2. Is your website easy to navigate?
  3. Is the website design appealing and visually satiating?
  4. Does the overall branding match with the design?
  5. Is your content easy and simple?

If you are not sure about these questions, don’t worry, all isn’t lost yet. A professional web design company should be able to clarify all these for you once they understand your business needs. You should also ascertain that the company involves you throughout the website design and development. A good website design will not only help you win new clients, and retain existing ones, it will also help improve your perception and increase your visibility in the market. Not only is it cheaper than print media, but its benefits are far more lasting. Having a firm digital strategy in place has never hurt a business, in fact it has helped many turnaround lost businesses. And it all begins with the belief that an affordable but good web design doesn’t have to be a myth.

Do your business the justice it so deserves. Invest in time and invest wisely in your business website by hiring a website design expert who knows your needs.