Prominent Website Design Tips for High Conversion Rate in 2017

website design tips

The end of 2016 is here! Though this is not the end of the financial year but still most of us starts making the checklist of the aspects to be analyzed. Since we are in a customer-centric world where things are prominently done to please the business clients, website designing is not an exception to it. Did your business website performed this year? Did you get the handsome ROI out of it?

While other are talking about the trends as a whole, we will be focusing on the facts that are tried and tested to bring you the conversion and ultimately the business revenue. Here it is more about the proven trends to ensure the higher conversion rates in 2017.

1. Simple & Standard Web Design
Choosing a simple website look is not a bad thing at all. Today, it’s all about offering the unique experience to the visitors rather than trying to be extra-creative and end up with a complicated website. Google has also studied and found out that users not only judge the websites as beautiful but also rate “visually complex” websites lesser than their simpler counterparts.

2. Responsive Design
The best practice is using responsive designs for your business website as such websites are open to being accessed by any of the platforms, whether a smartphone or a tablet. This increases the possibility of more visitors from different platforms, thus increasing the conversion rates by a few percentage. This has now become more prominent with the Google’s mobile-friendly update.

3. Flat Design
Here, flat design doesn’t mean a dull design. Flat design focuses on the fact that there should be the emphasis on the minimal use of stylish elements. Flat designs give the illusion of three dimensions, thus making them more prominent. It ensures a better users experience to the clients visiting the websites having a flat design.

4. Hover Effects
Hover effect is gaining its due popularity with its effectivity of getting conversion clicks. A lot of e-commerce websites have already started practicing the hover effect approach. This gives a nice effect to the elements of the website such as CTAs, Images, Products, etc. whenever the mouse hovers over that element. The best advantage of hover effect is that the UI elements will appear only when the mouse will hover over them so that sites can be kept simple.

5. Sticky CTA (Call-to-action)
CTAs are your most crucial and perfect element to increase the conversion. Giving an easy access to utilize your products or service is all about having a call to action button on the products or services showcased on the websites. Sticky CTAs, on the other hand, provides the opportunity to choose the place for CTA making it stick to a part of visitor’s screen as content is scrolled down.

6. Simple Navigation
Users like things that have been simplified for them and simple navigation find a place in them. Simple navigation helps the users get a smooth navigating experience, which is, of course, going to count for an increased conversion rate. Thus, it is recommended to use fewer banners and make slider navigation much easier for the users.

7. Personalized User Experiences
Personalizing the user experience for the visitors is going to count for the increased conversion rates. Offering users the products and services that have already been browsed or liked is likely to get an easy conversion from the visitors over that particular website that was browsed lately.

These helpful 2017 trends would definitely contribute majorly to enhance your business website and your conversion rate. The higher the conversion rate of your website, the higher revenue to the business.

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