Panda refresh in upcoming weeks stated by Google’s Gary Illyes

According to SMX advanced Gary announced of refreshing all the sites in the upcoming weeks. He also mentioned that Google will announce before refreshing the data or hitting the sites of poor contents.

As Google is becoming stricter for quality in the search engine. In 2014 Google launched panda 4.1 many sites got hit and were drop down in search engine ranking.


Google panda update 2015

Google’s Gary’s statement about Google panda update.

On 21st April 2015 again Google changed the algorithm especially for mobile friendly & it is called mobilegeddon. So responsive web design is now no more optional for web design. The change is still continued to happen in future also by Google.

There is a drastic change in the consumer taste as people are immersing themselves with the new technologies and so they also have the high expectations, Google taking all the points into consideration and thus making the search engine work more on quality content which will help in providing the best user experience.

Google want to keep the updated data as frequently as possible to give the best services to the consumers whenever they come to search engine with a need, so that they can have ultimate user experience.

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