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Starting a new business is always exciting for entrepreneur & during making business plan you start thinking about building business website in first place.  There are many questions starts coming in mind like how you make website & where to build website? Before creating a website for business, you need to analyze completely the purpose of having business website & which elements you must have in your website in order to make your business successful. Purpose of this article is to provide insights of website development to map business requirements as well as cost to design, develop & maintain business website forever. high performer website design company can give your business a proper suggestion about the online business requirements and success.

Why do you need a business website?

Any business website must have,

  • Branding

Business website must create brand awareness. Branding creates unique identification of company for your product & services. First create a logo for your company while building business website & maintain unique branding throughout the website.

  • Company Portfolio

Website must have webpage describing company history, management & about team who is delivering great product & services.

  • Product or Services portfolio

Use product & services section to describe products & services in details in business website. You can provide images, technical description, value addition of product services to the customers & related videos using website. Always remember this is the area in business website where you need to pull more visitors who can be converted into customers. So to generate more business try to create unique content related to your targeted customers. Also provide call to actions tools like quick quote or contact information for inquiry.

  • Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonial section is useful to provide list of happy clients which are using your services or products. Share customer testimonial on business website. Testimonials will be helpful in buying decisions for your website visitors.

  • Lead generation engine

Business website can not be completed without having lead generation mechanism. While designing business website business owner can think of having lead generation mechanism in website. Lead generation mechanism is a system to capture contact information of website visitors who are interested in your products or services. You can use this information to promote your products using emails & newsletters.

  • Social media integration

Integrate your business profiles of LinkedIn, Facbook, Twitter & other social media into business website. This will help visitors to connect to your social media network. This will be helpful for viral marketing of your product or services.Attach business blog to your website which can be a great platform to share your expertise to your targeted audience. Blogs are useful to interact customers directly.

  • Mission & Vision

Business mission & vision are always important for understanding long term goals of business to customers & website visitors.

  • Career

Every business requires talent pool to deliver great & innovative products or services. Career section of website provides platform to showcase your professional requirements. So always try to integrate career section to attract good talent from market.

What is the cost of small business website development?

We discussed about main components of business website & to make complete business website following costs are involved:

  • Business website design cost

Business website design cost is always depend on number of pages & volume of creative graphics work. Cost can vary as per programming involvement to automate certain tasks. e.g. user registration, enquiry email integration into business website.

  • Domain registration cost

Business website must have www address which need to be purchased from domain registration provide. Domain registration charges are payable on yearly basis. Check yearly domain registration cost here.

  • Web Hosting Cost

Once business website is complete it requires virtual folder to store all business website contents in the form of webpages, images & videos so that anyone can access required business information. Web hosting charges are also on available monthly / yearly basis. Check yearly small business website hosting plans!One time charges are involved in designing website but business owner need to plan budget to maintain & keep running business website without problems.

How do you keep your business website up & running forever?

Following yearly costs are involved in order to run business website smoothly.

  • Domain registration & web hosting for small business charges

Domain & web hosting charges are involved on yearly basis. Web hosting charges always depend on space & required bandwidth.

  • Annual maintenance charges

Annual maintenance charges are optional cost of running business website. If you have technical resources to manage website then you don’t need annual maintenance at all else there will be minor yearly fee involved according to scope of maintenance services throughout the year.

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