Key Features Every eCommerce Website Should Have


Today, in this stiff competition, it is not easy for online retailers to maintain an e-commerce website. Online shopping has now surpassed the “niche market” concept. Today, the word “shopping” is not limited only to women. Now you can find many online stores with a wide range of tech gadgets impelling men to search for the products for hours in their smartphones or laptops. Also, there are countless web stores that cater to parents, kids, and teenagers.

To grab the audience attention, you need to have a good e-commerce website design, considering all the latest marketing techniques and key website features to make your business website a success. Let us look at some of the key features your e-commerce website should have so that you do not lose extra sales.

Spectacular Design 

Design matters a lot to the customers. No matter how awesome your content is, or irresistible items your website has, if not visible on your home page, then you will lose your potential customers.

Imagine that you have entered a store where all the stuffs are scattered here and there. This unorganized view holds an uninviting atmosphere. On the other end, you entered into a store which is spacious, clean, and has a very comfortable feel. Thus, if you want to attract your potential visitors, the appearance of your website should be visually appealing to give out signals that there is a big company behind it.

Your Clear Business Logo 

Your business logo is the company’s personality. It is the first essential thing to represent your brand and to attract maximum audience. It is like a business card for most of the start-up online shops. A recognizable logo is a reassuring symbol for the online shopping customers.

For every e-commerce website design – simple, noticeable and attractive business logo is very important, as it is the first impression and ultimately your critical marketing tool. It is the powerful medium that not just only attracts a customer to your brand, but also forms reassurance to your company that it is trustworthy.

Special offers and deals for Customers

Be it for anything, customers do search for the special offers and deals. For any e-commerce website design, it is a must to highlight and list all the offers and freebies, to attract customers so that they purchase the products instantly.

Some of the online retailers increase their sales with “limited offer” concept. This gives the customers – now or never drive to complete the purchase, though the product was not on their priority list.

Product News Highlights

Most of the time, it happens that customers look for new and different products which consist of good features. The customers always want to know the latest news and hottest trends about your products.

The website’s homepage is the perfect place to display and sell the products, as it draws people’s attention to the e-commerce website. The latest news related to products not only attracts customers, but also provide them with a sense of satisfaction. This maximizes your success rate.

Shopping Cart and Search Bar 

For any e-commerce store; search bar and shopping cart are the most vital features which are placed at the top of the website. An e-commerce website design without a shopping basket icon is like providing products to the customers without a carry bag. The search box helps customers to find exactly what they are looking for.

Immediate Q&A Options for Customers

Suppose if the customer wants to purchase any of the particular products, but (s)he has a query, then (s)he will instantly look for help. Though the customer is about to purchase the product, but if there is no immediate response from the business team, the customer will surely go to the other website, who provides all the possible help to the customer with an ease.

Thus, to engage customers on your e-commerce website, it is very essential to focus on the latest and key features that every e-commerce website should consider, to convert maximum visitors into customers. Are you looking out for the best e-commerce development company? Aarna Systems is the best e-commerce website design company in Pune – A great place to invest for high returns. Contact us today!!