Is Your Web Design Hurting Your Conversions?

web design conversions

This question may not come directly in your mind if you think of revenue generation. However, if you think and think deep about the reasons, your website will be at the top of the list. Is your website converting visitors effectively?

An average time period for expecting the best performance from a website is 1-2 years. This is due to continuous changing trends with respect to the user experience.

You do all the smart work with the help of SMO, SEO, PPC, etc. to bring the prospect to your website. It might take hours to bring in the visitor to your website, but, as long as your website is not appealing, they will leave your website few seconds.

You will update your website content from time to time, but how do you know it’s time for a redesign? Let’s learn 5 symptoms that will help you to decide whether or not you should go for a website redesign.

1. Difficulty in updating your website
Can you make changes to your website easily? Do you need an expertise in website coding to make a simple image or text change? Then it’s definitely time to look for a Web Design and Development Company will redesign your website with updated CMS for the website. Nowadays, CMS are constantly evolving to make content changes to the website easier and faster.

2. High Bounce Rate
It’s simple to understand that the bounce rate of your website is directly proportional to the conversion rate. If you are facing a lower conversion rate, it’s time to act on your website’s bounce rate with the help of a good, recognized website design and development company. This also means that you are gifting your potential customers to your competitors.
A high bounce rate on a website is usually a combination of the essential elements of the modern website design.


3. Poor UX indicates poor brand
There is nothing worse than a website having everything a user needs but looks unprofessional and cluttered. A visitor will most likely to leave and won’t return to the website. This will also make a poor brand impression in your prospects mind.
A good website design and development company would focus on the following areas of concern:

  • Poor Navigation
  • Poor Images
  • Payment Gateway looks untrustworthy
  • Broken links and pages

4. Crisp and Engaging content
We live in the world where people needs the information in quick time. There is a need to attract the attention of your potential customer quickly and ensure that they are engaged on the website to read what you are trying to convey. The design of your website is vital as you only have 3-5 seconds to convince that person to stay. So, it is always better to ask a website design and development company to write your website content as they have a better understanding of the user experience.

5. Websites on the move are vital
Your website needs to be optimized for mobile devices, in fact for all the devices. You never know from which device your prospects will search for your product or services. Do not gift any opportunity to your competitors. If your website isn’t mobile ready, you need a website rebuild now!

Any of these reasons are enough to let you know that it’s time to approach a web design and development company. Try to find a local but reputed company to ensure smooth communication. If you have your business in Pune, you should look for an all domain expert website design company in Pune.

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