How to retain customers

How to retain customers

Strategies for customer retention

It does not matter where your retail store is located and what business you are in. If you don’t have customer retention strategy then your business will fail. Every business requires valuable customers for success. Customers are the backbone of the business. Well customers are not so easy to find & it takes efforts on marketing front. Customer retention is even challenging but if done correctly can save major chunks of marketing money. Checkout here for effective online shop packages for increasing your customer retention.
Following are some strategies for customer retention for retail store:

Customer satisfaction through product & service value:

“The customer is always right”, every business believe so, right? Customers are the one who can make or break any business, so their faith and satisfaction are the most important factors to return to your retail store to buy more.
Customer satisfaction can bring many benefits for your retail store business

    Word of mouth or sharing through social media can bring more referrals to your retail store
    Increase in percentage sale of store
    Saves your marketing money

Once customer is satisfied by your value of product or service, he will never change mind to go to competition. Try to satisfy your customer by providing services after they took away with your product.

Continues customer engagement:

Communication is a way to maintain good relationship with customers in business. Continuous communication with customers helps to maintain trust and interest in your store brand. Customer engagement helps for customer retention & improves loyalty about store.
Blog posts, product reviews, social media channels like facebook, pinterest, instagram, twitter and emails are the best ways to maintain communication. Major benefit of using social media is to connect with customers directly to listen for feedbacks & complaints.

After sales support:

Many products or services needs after sales support. Your support staff should always be ready to provide positive response to customer requirements. Excellent customer service can retain majority of customers. Zappos online shoe retailer is a very good example for customer service experience.

Discounts & Coupons against customer loyalty:

Every customer expects some special offers and discounts. This is the golden opportunity to retain customer by providing something special to them using discounts or coupons based on loyalty to store. Let them feel that they are special for your business and your business is really thankful to them.

Say “Thank You”:

Everyone likes to feel appreciated. Let your customers know about referrals provided by them. Appreciate customers for referrals & helping to grow your business. It is important to acknowledge the value given by customer. You can send thank you gift or thank you card to them.

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