Future of eCommerce for online retailers

Future of eCommerce for online retailers

eCommerce has grown by 9,000 percent from $7.3 million in 2003 to $663.3 million in 2012 over past ten years. This trend will continue over the next coming years. Based on all reports it is proven that eCommerce is a most demanding Gizmo for sale in coming years. But the question is what the future of eCommerce is? What efforts we should put to publicize the eCommerce for the bright future?

According to Forrester Research growth is mainly coming from the existing customers. And the expense of spending money in finding new customers is higher than retaining new customers. So it is necessary to make variations accordingly latest move and to maintain few check points of your online store. This helps to maintain effectual and economical relationship with your consumers. Retailers should be smart enough to explore and adapt new strategies to improve eCommerce capabilities.

Following are some considerable highlights to maintain eCommerce in coming years.

Move up your online store with trends:

Latest web technologies are coming out day-by-day. Online store upgradation is needed for retaining your customers, following same procedure and with same UI can create dis-interest in your customers. Applying different varieties of design trends and development trends can make your customer stay on your website. For example: now-a-days many retailer stores are putting QR code on their website to provide address flexibility, by avoiding typing headache for their customers.

Mobile Commerce:

Today smartphones are the most portable devices in every hand. People are completing their half of work through mobile phones. According to BI intelligence in January 2013, 29 percent of mobile users have made purchase with their phones. Based on all research, mobile devices based user interface has been developed called Responsive Web Design. The witchcraft is one website that adapts all screen layouts rather than developing many websites for each device.

Revise your shipping dilemma:

Shipping plays an ultimate role in your eCommerce business. According to research one of major rejections of eCommerce is shipping, Customers avoids to deal with delaying delivery, tracking of shipping status information. People expect minimum shipping time with free or lowest rates. However many renowned websites are lacking in their shipping procedure.

Revise your marketing strategies:

There’s no doubt that marketing has undergone more changes during last few years than perhaps the preceding coming few years. As time passes, marketing trends and strategies will change. Marketing strategies should be revised on time to retain customers with their continue interest in your product or services.

Set comfort zone for your customers:

PR (Public Relation) is one of the best ways to retain your customers. To increase customer lifetime value, here some are the quicksteps,

– Always be thankful to your customers
– Treat your ideal customers as a VIPs.
– Try to communicate with your customer once a week
– Try to reduce their pain points
– Use the words they love to hear.

Above are few simple steps that are necessary to revise according to time, to maintain the value of eCommerce in future.
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