What makes for an effective ecommerce website design?

custom ecommerce website design

An ecommerce website that sells great, is a website that works great! Any layman will tell you that a good ecommerce website is one that successfully sells your products successfully, has value-additions for your customers to make them recurring customers and brings traffic from even those who don’t really want to buy products but who are great potential customers.

But how many of the existing ecommerce websites really do all of these?

What then, is the secret behind a really successful ecommerce website, you ask? It lies as always, in the ecommerce website design and structure.

Let’s check out some key characteristics of a good working ecommerce website design:

  1. The website is designed for the customers, not you. Imagine this. You are on an e-tail website and you want to buy a dress. On one hand is a website that needs you to register, add your birth and address details and then some before you get on to buying. On the other hand, there is an ecommerce website that requires minimal details from you and you complete your purchase in the shortest amount of time, hassle free. Which one is better? Think of the customer when you ask for a custom ecommerce website design from the expert.
  2. Gift your customers a great buying experience. The experience you create for the customer has to make them not realize that they are using the ecommerce website. It needs to be a complete package not just one task. It’s a tough concept to grasp, and the recipe changes from website to website, but the right combination of usability, creative design, writing, use of psychology and of course some key metrics will help you generate an experience that the customer loves and wants to revisit.
  3. Give your customers easy access to the products. There are ecommerce websites and then there are ecommerce websites. But the ones where the customers return, time and again, are those that offer great usability. You land on the home page, and you have everything you want- product details, pricing, catalogue, offers and brands. Your home page should have it all!
  4. Have a one step checkout page. What is an ecommerce website without a payment gateway or a checkout lounge? Well not much, we say! The checkout process is a critical piece that engages the customer and asks for a larger share of their time. Checkout should be made convenient, fast and simple. An outstanding web design company pune give a pleasant ecommerce design and a note of thanks to complete the checkout will add a nice touch.
  5. Invest in good security for your ecommerce website. An ecommerce website that feels secure makes your customer feel safe. Displaying a short message about your security policy and your privacy settings helps them feel that they are in secure hands, especially when they are on a website that will eventually ask them their credit card or bank details for payment.
  6. Have an ecommerce website that talks. Good content is the first and foremost essential for any website, let alone an ecommerce website where you want your customers to come do business with you again and again. Having an interactive website also means giving them the ability to share your website on social media. It also means allowing them to add your products, or blog on their RSS feeds.

It takes customers very little time to decide whether they like a ecommerce website or not. Having a ecommerce website development that enables you to say what you want to say in a matter of minutes is key. Having attractive banners that speak your heart, give out insights on offers, and offers promotions for the brands you sell should be very important to the people you trust your ecommerce website design with.

Have a specific space cut out for news, latest updates, information or a heads up on upcoming sale, and more. Make it very easy for the customer to find good deals and exclusive offers. Also have a section on ‘new’ items on sale for those recurring customers. But ensure that you do not have a laundry list on your homepage. That will just make it cluttered and shoddy to look at. Pick out the best things you want your customers to see. And then keep infusing your home page with these. Have the most eye catching offers readily available for them. And then let them find the rest as they browse through. Display your branded products upfront. You can also have an option to allow your customers to shop by brands. Have your essentials placed right. Your shopping cart, your login box, and your search box should all be available to your customer throughout their buying experience. You can also choose to allow your customers to customize their login or accounts for a more rewarding buying experience. Every customer who signs up can choose a personal login and password.

Social media works. Have your own account on any of the popular social media websites, or all of them and you will see your recurring customers come visit, like or even follow your updates. Your presence then, on Facebook and twitter is a must. Social media presence also allows for excellent self-promotion opportunities and gets you new or potential customers in the bargain!

Another great way to increase footfall on your ecommerce website, is introducing an online help chat, or live chat. It is a good reassurance to your customer that you care enough to have a 24X7 online representative to help them, no matter what!

Have your ecommerce website designed with “Aarna Sytems” a website design company in pune, selling everywhere. What does that mean? It means having your website go mobile! Mobile use of the internet is gaining rapid popularity and is set to take on the desktop anytime soon. It makes great business sense, to have your website have a responsive website design or mobile on-the-go app for your customers. Most great ecommerce websites do!

And that’s it! We hope that the tips above will help make your custom ecommerce website design the perfect go-to page for potential buyers. With all the time, effort and finances put in to generate your online presence, these minor suggestions may actually help make or break your business. If you have other ideas that would be helpful, be sure to leave them in the comments section below.