Digital Marketing Megatrends for 2017

Digital Marketing trends for 2017

Digital India and digital marketing have hit the stride, it is time to analyze the lessons learned from the last year. Demonetization and digital India are the two trending topics. However, digital India is what will bring the benefits to the businesses. Now that we have entered and settling into the New Year, there is a need to prepare a plan for what is needed for your company to shine in 2017.

Let’s now drill down into the key tactics and marketing technology within each of these tactics which will be important in 2017.

1. Context Marketing Trends
Content marketing was in the top 3 till mid-2016. But from the last 2 quarters, context marketing is has gained a considerable importance over content marketing. So there is a need to focus a lot on how to create an integrated context marketing strategy. Last year’s research report shows that more 47% businesses are now using a strategic approach, so this is a trend we will see continuing in 2017.

2. Mobile Marketing
With increasing mobile usage and the Big G’s (Google) mobile first mantra, 69% businesses have started focusing on mobile responsive website design. With leads to increase in mobile advertising, mobile website development and mobile apps development. Even our Indian Government is preferring mobile app development for easy accessibilities. Also, using mobile optimize images and videos are the essential elements of modern website design .

3. Social Media “Buy” Buttons
Thanks to the 2017 business trends, you might start noticing more “buy” buttons on social media, allowing shoppers to buy directly from social networks rather than going to a separate e-commerce site. This functionality already exists on many social platforms including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube. Last year’s report shows that clicks on this “Buy” button increased considerably in the last quarter. This is expected to gain more popularity in 2017.

4. Increased Reliance on Data
Thanks to the advanced technology for opening up several ways to collect and use data. As a result, one of the 2017 business trends involves using that data more than ever. As most of the businesses now prefer context marketing over content marketing , data usage benefits customers just as much as it helps businesses. Thus, are comfortable to share their details compared to the earlier scenario.

5. Video Marketing
Video marketing has been immensely popular for the past few years, but now marketers aren’t using just any type of video. For example, you can provide a behind-the-scenes look at the process or location your audience is interested in. One of the reasons this will be among the 2017 digital marketing trends is that people are engaging more through videos, especially on social sites.


Now that you are aware of these trends, it’s time to map a fresh digital marketing strategy for this year. At Aarna Systems, as an experienced digital marketing company in Pune, we have developed a strong client base through our customized digital marketing strategies. We believe that each business has different goals and hence deserve a tailored approach; whether you choose digital marketing services or website design and development services.