Checklist for Choosing The Right Website Design Company

Choosing the Right Website Design Company

It is saturation everywhere. Roads are saturated with traffic, potholes are saturated with water and different industries are saturated by similar businesses. Agreed? With so many options available in the market for one service, there are high chances of blunders while making a decision. The vendors will try their best to beat the competition and get into your league. Similar is the case while choosing the best website design company in Pune.

We come across many clients who are unhappy with their existing vendors. Most of them were ready to invest for redesigning the recently designed website. They were bummed out as the quality of the work was not what their vendor promised. As mentioned earlier, these blunders will happen.

The problem? 

The problem here is most of you might fall prey to the low pricing due to lack of homework. Here, homework refers to the preparation before you approach any website design company. The easiest way to evaluate the vendors is preparing and following a checklist.

Here is a checklist to help you choose the best web design company for your website.

  • Prepare a Requirement Document
    Keep the samples, list of features and functionalities and screenshots of reference website that you love in one document. Sharing the document with the vendor will ensure that both of you start from the same page. This document will also help you while brainstorming with your vendor and also to ensure that all you required is well-covered in the scope.
  • Evaluate Vendor’s Website
    Before evaluating the website design company, it is important to evaluate their website. Look whether or not they have paid attention to the details on their own website.

    1. Website Layout and Design
    2. User Experience and easy navigation
    3. Features and Functionality
  • Ask for Work Samples and References
    Right from the start, ask for at least three work samples (website URLs) and references of past clients. Look at the brands they worked with and the level of complexity they can handle.

You should call the references and ask about their experience with the vendor.

If you think this is too much to ask for, remind yourself that you have been deceived earlier. At some point in time, you might also think of hiring an in-house team instead of outsourcing it to the web design company. But, we have already cleared up this with some practical facts in the previous blog.

  • Their Interest In Your Business
    It is important that your vendor understands your business and the target audience before making even a single recommendation or design. They might try to fit your business organs (refers to products, services, and business info) into a ready-made skeleton (refers to a template). Remember, business websites are not one-size-fits-all type.

Some of our earlier clients left us only to come back. They too were handed over a business skeleton. The Skeleton’s dress code was changed though!

  • Content Management System (CMS)
    You need to make sure that your designer works with a user-friendly Content Management Platform (CMS). For example, WordPress allows you to edit, add and delete the website content and images.
  • Responsive or Mobile-friendly
    Your website should offer the best user experience on different devices. Your prospects can search for your business from any device, a desktop, laptop, tab and the one that has become today’s need – a mobile device. Make sure you get this important feature covered in your scope.
  • Process they Follow
    Make sure that the website design company you want to hire uses project management software (like Zoho) or a defined process (like AGILE and Scrum). This is an important thing to note as this will ensure that the project is delivered professionally on time.
  • Never Pay the Whole Amount Up Front
    Never ever pay the whole amount for your website up front. Look whether the vendor offers you paying in installments/milestones. This will ensure that your vendor delivers quality at every stage. This also makes it easy for you back off from the project without locking your whole money. Beware of hidden costs!

So, before you choose the next website design company as your vendor, grab this checklist. Make sure you have all the 8 points checked from the checklist.