Canadian sales tax issue with Magento – Display two taxes with same priority

Canadian sales tax issue with Magento

In 2013, some Canadian sales taxes are changed. There are various Canadian taxes are like TVQ, PST, QST applicable on subtotal + GST (Goods and services tax) of any product.
Online stores made on Magento having issues with Canadian sales taxes setup. The problem is to display two Canadian taxes with same priority with its different amount. Let’s take an example with QST-QC (Quebec Sales Tax).
The problem is divided into two scenarios:
Case A – Magento combines both tax amounts in only one amount.


According to Canadian sales tax rules tax value must be displayed for GST and QST amounts on shopping cart.

Case B – Earlier PST was charged on the subtotal + GST amount
In Magento, GST was Priority 1 and PST was on Priority 2. This set up makes both taxes appears with their respective amount in the checkout page.

From 2013, the PST will no longer be charged on the subtotal+GST, but on the subtotal only with a raise at 9.975%. We just have to set PST to Priority 1 in the magento tax rules.
The main issue is that out of box magento cannot show two taxes with same priority.
Our magento services team done customization of module to resolve this issue & we solved Canadian sales tax issue for online stores in Candada.


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