4 Effective Steps to Ensure Quality Returns On Your Digital Marketing Strategy

digital marketing strategy

With the implementation of GST, Indian Government has simplified the things for the people. In a similar way, digital marketing has simplified the way marketing is done. Digital marketing has become an essential part of every business. Be it a B2B or a B2C industry, every business today set aside a substantial budget for digital marketing.

Digital marketing includes many activities. It is important to plan how much you should invest, but prior to that, you need to know where you should plan to invest. Thus, it needs to be properly strategized to make it cost effective.

After catering different industries with successful digital marketing strategies for last 10 years, we have come up with the 4 effective steps to go about it. We have also mentioned best channels for each stage to ensure quality returns on your digital marketing investment.

1. Brand Awareness and Reach
The first thing for every business which is new to the online world is to let the audience know that you exist. It is important for them to know what your brand is all about and how you can satisfy their needs. Every industry, today, is saturated. Unless describe your brand clearly and accurately, you might lose the opportunity to enter the online market right away. Connecting to your audience in less time will do the trick here.

Best Channel: Social Media
The best channel to go for brand awareness is social media. Social media not only allows you to reach a huge set of the audience quickly but also helps to express your brand effectively. B2C industries can use the platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Whereas, for B2B industries, Facebook and LinkedIn are the best platforms to reach your target audience.

2. Brand Engagement
Communicating your message to the audience is one part. The next step is to convert the communication into interaction. Keep them engaged with your brand. Offer them some useful and informative material what they want rather than what you’d like to offer. It is important that your audience should find you when they search for information pertaining to your industry.

Best Channel: Content and Video Marketing
Content is the heart of digital marketing. Video marketing has recently been under the spotlight. Offering infographics, reviews, and useful statistics through blogs is one way to increase the brand engagement. Videos, on the other hand, can be more expressive and convenient since they tell a compelling story and showcase your brand.

3. Lead Generation
The purpose of every digital marketing strategy is to generate more leads for your sales team. Digital marketing allows you to fuel your lead generation funnel. It becomes easy to generate leads once you succeed in creating brand awareness and engagement.

Best Channel: Re-marketing
Often a website visitor doesn’t take the purchase decision right away. Every online user, at the initial stage, looks for options. They visit different websites to make the decision. Here, re-marketing helps you to keep in touch with your prospects who visited your website. Remarketing is the process of chasing your website visitors who haven’t yet converted into leads. This is done by showing them relevant display ads wherever they browse online to bring them back on your website. Use the ads to expose them to the other areas of your website that might help them make the buying decision.

4. Brand Loyalty
Many people look at the terms brand awareness and brand loyalty the same way. However, there is a thin line that sets both the terms apart. Brand awareness will help you to attract new business. Whereas, brand loyalty will help you attract new customers as well as ensure repeat business. Thus, while you give emphasis to brand awareness, it is equally important to focus on the effective ways to create and sustain brand loyalty through digital marketing.

Best Channel: Website and Mobile App
Constantly updating credible content like case studies, client reviews and ratings on your website shows the consistency in delivering quality products or services. It’s always a good to know for a customer that the brand they are associated with is doing well and is gaining the popularity in the market.
Mobile App can be another way to increase brand loyalty. Offering some discount coupons, cashback to your mobile app users on their birthdays, Anniversary, etc.

Understanding and following these 4 ways will not only help your brand to come out of its shell but this will also ensure you get the best returns on your investment.

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